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If you’re thinking about adding another member to your family through adoption, I can help you. The adoption process can be long and complicated. I can make sure you’re fully prepared through every step of the process and know what to expect.

Stepparent Adoption

If your child’s natural parent has not been involved in your child’s life and you have remarried, it may be possible for your new spouse to adopt your child as a stepparent. If the child’s natural parent voluntarily agrees to terminate his or her parental rights, a stepparent adoption can be a fairly straightforward process. If the natural parent does not agree to voluntarily terminate parental rights, the process is more complicated, and you will have to establish grounds for termination of parental rights before you can proceed with adoption.

Other Adoption Scenarios

Maybe you want to adopt a child because you are unable to have natural children of your own. Maybe you just want to add to your already existing family. Maybe you have fostered a child and want to make the relationship permanent. Whatever your reasons for wanting to adopt, I can help.

If you are considering adoption, I can help. To schedule an initial consultation, contact Barron Law Firm LLC online or call me at 701-732-0628.

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