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A divorce or separation can affect where you live, your income, your debt, and how much time you spend with your children. Throughout the process, it’s important to make sure your interests are fairly represented and your needs are met. That’s where an experienced, skilled attorney can help. Whether you need to work out a parenting plan, divide assets, negotiate the terms of your separation, or just get information about the divorce process, you can trust Barron Law Firm to guide you.

While one of my primary goals is to keep negotiations civil, I’m not afraid to aggressively fight for what you want.

Dividing Assets and Debt Can Be Difficult

During a divorce your assets–including real property, personal property, bank accounts, and retirement accounts–will need to be divided, as will your debt. North Dakota adheres to the general principle of “equitable distribution,” meaning that marital property and marital debt will be divided fairly, but not necessarily equally. As a result, marital assets will be divided according to a number of factors, including each spouse’s income and savings, their earning ability, the length of the marriage and whether the children should continue to live in the marital home.

Every situation is unique. Whether you were a homemaker or a breadwinner in your family or whether you and your spouse shared these roles, I can help insure that your assets and debt will be divided fairly so you won’t be left without the resources you need to move forward. Emotions can run high during the divorce process, and anger, guilt or other feelings can lead a couple to divide property in a way that they’ll regret later on. That’s why it’s so important to approach this process with an experienced attorney.

Doing What’s Best For Your Children

If you have children, you’ll likely need a lawyer to help you determine child custody, child support, parenting time and other child related issues. At Barron Law Firm LLC, I understand how difficult it can be to go from seeing your children every day to seeing them during limited periods of time. I will work hard to help you develop a parenting plan that is in your children’s best interests and fair to you.

Helping Residents of North Dakota

My firm is located in Grand Forks, and I work with clients in North Dakota. You can give me a call at 701-732-0628 or send me a message today for knowledgeable guidance through your divorce.

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