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Other Family Law Issues


Custody and child support issues can be particularly complicated when parents live in different states. It’s not always clear which state has the authority to decide issues regarding your children or their support. I can help you navigate complicated jurisdictional issues.


Families often grow and change as time progresses. Sometimes a negotiated settlement or a court’s decision no longer works due to changed circumstances. Barron Law Firm can help you seek modification of custody, parenting time, child support, and spousal support.

Guardianship and Third Party Custody

Sometimes grandparents, other relatives, or third parties need to step in and care for children when their natural parents cannot. Barron Law Firm can help you establish guardianships or third party custody for minor children.


If you’re thinking about adding another member to your family through adoption, I can help you. The adoption process can be long and complicated. I can make sure you’re fully prepared through every step of the process and know what to expect.

Parenting Investigations and Child Advocacy

Sometime parties to a divorce or custody proceeding and the court can benefit from input regarding the best interests of the minor children from a neutral investigator or child advocate. I conduct parenting investigations and provide guardian ad litem services in North Dakota.

A Skilled And Compassionate Attorney

I’ve been practicing law since 1995 and have helped countless clients in North Dakota address their family law concerns. Call my firm for compassionate legal guidance that will put your needs first. You can reach Barron Law Firm LLC in Grand Forks, North Dakota, by sending me a message online or calling me at 701-732-0628 today.

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